If you’re curious as to why I’m posting this, I’ll try my best to explain:

I don’t know why deciding to create this post came into my head. I guess I’m tired of these so-called ‘Christians’ using God’s name and taking it to a whole different level. To say ‘God hates fags’ and ‘You’re going to hell if you do this-or-that’ is absolutely pathetic. What kind of god are you creating? Nowadays when people think ‘Christianity’ they think of the photos above and/or Christians shoving their religion down others’ throat and/or being overly religious. People think of God as evil and curse Him and blaspheme His name.  No longer do people see God as a merciful, forgiving and loving God, but as destruction, cruel, heartless,  and silent. 

I’ll tell you what ‘Christianity’ was supposed to have been about before it became the new evil:

It wasn’t about controlling anyone else’s life, but to have a personal relationship with God. It was about finding peace and happiness. It was supposed to let all your worries, struggles, and doubts vanish. It was supposed to make you put all your trust in God and let Him handle all your problems because He has a father’s heart. Christianity wasn’t supposed to have been about hate, judgement, and haughtiness. It was supposed to be about divine love and equality